• hans peter meyer

    hans peter meyer

    Content development & events services at www.hanspetermeyer.ca. Passionate about tech, local food, startups- and tango! Twitter: @hanspetermeyer

  • Jake DiMare

    Jake DiMare

    Free thinking Bostonion living in LA. Interested in my wife, the internet, sailing, and tattoos. Digital strategist, thought follower, and writer.

  • Ralph Nelson Willett

    Ralph Nelson Willett

    Author and Financial Trading Technophile.

  • Misty Weaver

    Misty Weaver

    Misty Weaver Content Strategy Lead | http://Portent.com | Content Insight | Content Strategy Seattle meetup http://bit.ly/CSseattle

  • Isabella Galvão

    Isabella Galvão

    UX Design / Filosofia / Impacto Social

  • Carmen Hill

    Carmen Hill

    Director of Marketing @ConnectiveDX. Technophile. Grammar geek. Over-user of ellipses, emoticons & !!!

  • Grant Gurewitz

    Grant Gurewitz

    Writing about how to put less in your brain to slow down and unlock your best ideas. ThinkForYourself.co newsletter author. Marketing pro in the Northwest.

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